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Topic Subject Titles - Please provide a proper subject if you expect responses

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Bad Subject Titles:

  • HELP!
  • Need Help!
  • Need answers
  • Engine issue
  • paint color
  • Click here
  • For Sale


Good Subject Titles:

  • I need body parts for my 1930 Whatsit
  • Where do I find interior patterns for my my 1930 Whatsit?
  • Want to buy - blinker fluid on my 1930 Whatsit
  • Paint color - whats a proper paint color for my my 1930 Whatsit?
  • 1930 Whatsit - idle issues
  • For Sale - 1930 Whatsit
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I appreciate good titles, and Peter's reminder.

I rarely open vague topics, and never if they are

intended as "click bait."


How often have we seen incomplete titles, such as

"1969 Riviera"?  Someone with a need will get a

much better response if he writes something like

"1969 Riviera--need help with hidden headlights."

More people will see immediately and respond.

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