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For Sale: 1927 Chandler sedan - $1---- - Pulaski, OH - Not Mine

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Hummmmm . . . there must be something not showing.  

I see the exhaust manifold (gray) and I guess the intake is the green thing above it? . . . . but it looks like the carb is bolted directly to the exhaust manifold(?) It cant really, but then where is the exhaust pipe bolted??


An authentic looking interior! That is VERY attractive! 

Sadly no actual price means that its not actually for sale 😢


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m-mman, A part of the intake manifold passes through the exhaust manifold which is between the carburetor and intake manifold itself. This was to preheat the fuel vapors for better atomization and better combustion. Done in those days because the gasoline was pretty lousy stuff, about halfway between kerosene and the gasoline of today. It rarely causes much trouble with the gasoline of today.

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21 hours ago, m-mman said:

but then where is the exhaust pipe bolted?


I can't see it for certain, and am not that familiar with that model of Chandler. However, I am fairly certain the exhaust exits in a pipe hiding in the shadow between the block and firewall. It looks as if part of the water pump plumbing is there also, and helping to obscure the exhaust pipe.

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18 minutes ago, RDChandler said:

Hi -- is this Chandler Auto still available for sale? I've been looking for one on the market for years. Thanks!

You will have to contact the seller directly at the phone number listed above in the first post to see if it is.  Good luck. 

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The seller (Kevin) was asking $7500 for this Chandler originally.

Even though I was looking for a project car, I inquired about it anyway.




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