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53 Super Front Pillar to Floor Braces


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Hi all, I completed replacement of both front floor pans on my 53 Super due to rust. Pans are welded in and welds sealed with 3M Body Sealer. Now the next step is to reinstall both front pillar to floor braces. Should be a simple reinstall except for the condition of the braces. Both are rusted through at the bends and don't appear to up to bracing much. I'm sure they serve a purpose or the Buick Engineers would not have had them installed. They appear to be factory stampings and I would imagine very hard to find laying around on a shelf somewhere, so I'm thinking I'll be looking for a donor car (56R, 56C, 76C, 76R, 76X) or someone to fabricate a set. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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This is a quarter panel door post brace from a 1948 Continental. If you scout around your area you should be able to find a small nonferrous foundry that will custom make a pair for your Buick. The owners of those shops usually like to see interesting small jobs. The Lincoln uses aluminum. Brass is also and option.




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Good point, being in the middle of the Louisiana petrochemical production area, there are numerous fab shops and foundries nearby. Before I retired, I worked closely with several of these shops. And you're right, they love a challenge..... might be time to break out my old business card file (Rolodex).

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Here is a picture for everyone this ties the door post directly over the body mount.  Some kind of support is needed with the door open the lower door post will most likely flex. I tried to find a used part and struck out, found a few low rust floors and this part had too much rust. 

I used the top half that was not rusted and traced out the shape and used multiple pieces and welded it together.  Plenty of angles in this part.  A fab shop should be able to help, you have great examples. 








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Great photos and recommendations, thanks. Looks like the best option is fabricating new braces. I do have a lead on an "old/early 50's" Buick in a salvage yard nearby, as soon as the ground dries up from the recent rains I'll check it out. I'll post photos if there's anything salvageable.

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