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Dragone's Car Show June 5th

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Just recieved an Email from Alex Dragone (Dragone Clsssic Cars in Orange ,Connecticut) in regards to the car meet at their facility ,7am to 4pm.

Flea market too.

I have not been to this newer facility of retail and restoration in Orange.


Should be a great time ! Dragone's have been hosting meets later in the year for a few years. This early one is new to me.

 Dust off that 1919 Klondyke & Shoebaker ,7 passenger ,torpedo or your 1933-1/2 , V12 Broughamwhistle all weather hardtop coupester and take a spin over.



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Wish I could get there but I already need to be in three places at the same time that weekend.  Saw Alex at the pre-war swap meet in Luray Va-very enthusiastic and knows his stuff.  I always stop by to visit at Hershey since they are located fairly close to my spaces there.  There is always interesting stuff there.


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Imagine if it was this weekend.  100% chance of Rain for 3 days.


I'm planning on attending with a friend.  We are going to drive something cool - we just need to figure out what will make it without needing a rollback for the return trip.

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