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Is there any place to list events now?

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Lump, go to home and then down to the AACA section, and you will see a category under AACA shows and tours.  Not everything is specifically an AACA event but we probably don't want to slice it up further.  


May get more traffic with things opening up now...

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17 minutes ago, TAKerry said:

Whats your location, I just met a person this weekend that has a website dedicated to just this subject for PA.

If there was a list of all those events in the United States it would be thousands of pages long and change daily. Maybe, if you give your location, someone will put you in touch with someone that makes a local list. For national events check the major car clubs like AACA, CCCA, ETC.

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Wow I never would have found it.

And it looks like people need to start using it more, get more events posted.

I posted an event in the distant past, but the forum was very different then.


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