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Help w/ ID on this Genuine No 350 Jiffy Jack

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Can anyone help me w/ ID on this Genuine No 350 Jiffy Jack—date, used for what vehicle mode of transportation, fair price value—looking to play matchmaker with the one who might be looking for this beaut. Thank you in advance for any help. F171BC1D-8291-4B9B-B8FE-E89D488E4D9E.jpeg.93fe986724fe5fb80b9c2f1ee02c2011.jpeg

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This jack (and thousands of similar jacks) were made for sale at hardware stores and auto parts stores, for use on any vehicle as needed. Not specific to any vehicle. Over many decades the old cars were crushed or abandoned, but NOBODY threw away jacks. Consequently they are still quite commonly available today. Thus, within the rule of "Supply vs Demand," they don't bring a lot of money. 

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