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Fall Auburn—no Swap Meet, last year for RM Auction?? What’s up?

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Let me preface by saying I don’t want to start or spread rumors or half-truths, but I am concerned about what the future holds for one of my favorite must-do excursions.


Last week, I called the folks at Fall Auburn to place a request for a swap meet space for the event that takes place in conjunction with the ACD Festival activities and the auctions that take place at the Auburn Auction Park, at the end of August/start of September, for many years now.   I was informed that they were not having a swap meet there this year, and was not able to get a reason why, or if this was for this year (again) only, or for the future as well.


Over the weekend, I ran into a friend who is long involved with the classic car auction business, and asked him if he knew anything about it.   He said that he heard some outfit out of the Fort Wayne area purchased the land, and that they were going to make a sports complex out of it, with various fields for baseball, football, and soccer, etc.  He also indicated that he heard it would be the final year for the associated auction that takes place during the few days leading up to and including Labor Day weekend.


Can anyone confirm or clarify any of this?  Also, are there any possibilities that at least the auctions could take place at another nearby location from another company, and ideally, if the swap meet could be resurrected as well?   

This came as a complete surprise, and is quite a disappointment.   However, my friend, whom I have complete confidence in regarding his credibility, says that Fall Hershey should not be an issue whatsoever for 2021.  Let’s hope so!!

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We run our Fall CARS & PARTS SWAP MEET & CAR SHOW event on Labor Day weekend now. Last year was the first year for this date. We were nervous about coming up against Auburn, but we're a swap meet & car show, while they were more focused on their auction. Alternatively in other September weekends, we were facing either Charlotte, Englishtown, Canfield, Pigeon Forge, and yet another big Pigeon Forge event. 


We've been praying and crossing fingers, hoping that this move wouldn't hurt our vendor attendance too much, since we're in Ohio...one state away from Auburn, Indiana. But recently more than one of our bigger vendors have reported to us that the real estate where the Auburn swap meet took place has been sold. 


No confirmation yet. But we can report that vendor spot sales for our Labor Day event have picked up sharply recently, with vendors alluding to the above info. 

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I thought that they were going to sell the land to a wholesale truck/ car auction company.  The wholesale company agreed that they could use it labor day and Memorial Day weeks/weekends.  Some sort of buy / lease back. 

If this is the last year that is too bad.  As a kid I remember it in the high school gym.  


maybe Worldwide auctioneers will step in to fill the space.  

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No, the city turned down the attempt from the truck auction company to buy the facility over a year ago.  As far as I know the future of the auction is not set in stone.  I am not at liberty to say any more about what is happening there but the fall auction is going to be a big one as cars from a major collection are coming early.  This is affecting our July show.  

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September 3-4 all things automotive!

Over 400 Swap Meet Spaces
More then 500 Car Corral Spaces
Car Show featuring.. "Year Of The Woody"

Held at the Dekalb County Fair Grounds and the Outdoor Theater.

September 3rd, Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
September 4th, Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Request Vendor Information:

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I found out some additional info this morning.  


$8 admission to the Car Corral / Swap Meet @ DeKalb County Fairground.  The Auburn Americana group is hosting the Swap Meet / Car Corral and also the Downtown Friday Cruise In around the Courthouse Square plus a car show on Union Street in front of the Fairgrounds from 9 am to 5 pm Friday & Saturday.  They are working with the ACD Festival for these activities.       https://www.acdfestival.org/events


The RM Sotheby's rep wasn't sure if / when there will be an Auction Preview.   On one hand they were saying 'only Registered Bidders at the Auction Park' but then their website said $20/day or $50/event fee for spectators and additional guests of Registered Bidders.  The person I spoke to on the phone said $25/day.  


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