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49 Roadmaster Sedanete solid lifters

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Hello if it is the correct engine it should have hydraulic lifters,the 1948 49 shop manual shows how to adjust.They have you set the lash on 8 sets of lifters, then rotate the crankshaft 180 and set the other eight as flywheel is at correct location.

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If you have things open then take your hydraulic lifter apart, clean the parts separately by first using detergent then dunk and rinse off the residue with a kerosene wash then set aside.  Upon re-assembly do not fill with engine oil leave dry. Check for inner spring rebound by using a wooden chop stick inserted into the top cup and gently apply pressure down ward to stop then quickly release and watch for cap rebound.  This will mean the lifter is functional.  If all clean and check out O.K. repeat with all lifters then reinstall them using a little assembly lube on the heal that contacts cam and at the rocker arm.  Pre oil prime engine oil gallery with a pump then start engine.  Lifters will draw oil in as needed.    

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