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windshield - studebaker rockne

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The Parts Catalog for 1932-33 Rockne 6 cylinder cars shows both Delco-Remy and Auto Lite generators.  Which one do you have?  What is the part number on the tag on the generator?  Is there a part number on the regulator, maybe inside the case?


Here is a link to an Auto Lite service manual on generators and regulators.  If your generator is an Auto Lite one, it may be model GAR-4609A with TC-type regulator.



In the U.S., many good auto glass shops have access to paper patterns to cut windshields and door glass from flat laminated glass.  In the Netherlands, you may not be able to find such a glass shop, so you will have to make a pattern from the old glass or the windshield frame.  Glass should probably be 1/4"/6 mm or thicker.  Shipping a windshield glass from the U.S. would be very expensive.



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Are you talking about just the glass or the windshield surround? I don't know about the Rockne, but virtually all Studebakers and Pierce Arrows, as well shared the same surround. I know that the Rockne was a stand alone car, but it was renamed a Studebaker model, so I can't help but think that other Studebaker models may have shared the wind shields with them.

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