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A closer look at an unrestored 70 GSX


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This car was slated to go to the GS nationals this year for the GSX reunion, but we couldn't manage to get it there.  Not because it wasn't ready...we already had 6 cars there...and were out of trailer space!  So I just did a quick look at some of the finer details you'll find on one of these that hasn't been totally molested...

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What is the plan for that car?  If it were mine, I'd perform a 'sympathetic restoration', of only those components or areas that are necessary functionally.  The seat splits are tough; I'd try to avoid replacing the original material by finding an upholsterer who would be willing to find a way to stabilize the original vinyl by shoring it up with some sort of backing material.  The goal would be to simply clean-up and make any necessary repairs blend-in with the condition of the surrounding area.

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It's simple really...With the rust around the back glass,(and there's more once the trim is removed) and rear wheel lips, etc this one should be restored.  The hood blackout cannot be corrected. The engine has already been pulled and rebuilt along with the engine compartment re painted.  The car's survivor status has been compromised.  I would have taken a 1000 photo's like I'm sure you have done and return that GSX back to its former glory. I am a 100% purist who has owned lots of original paint survivor cars so I don't offer this info without experience.  

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