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Where did this housand come off of and what will it fit?


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Restorers like to use these housands to speed up their old vehicles going down the highway.  Numbers shown in picture 3.

I believe  it was removed  for use either in a 1960s mustang or for use in a 1947-1959 chevy truck.  Can anyone verify what it will fit or what brand and type vehicle it came from?  can anyone please confirm anything about this housand?  See the numbers in the casting.  Are there any additional  part numbers usually on the underside?  I have not cut the wires that are holding it securely on its base.  Thank you for any help.


Jerry Whitfield

winston salem NC

336-749-5922  jerrybev1@yahoo.com or answer here. 


housand large.JPG

housand large 2.JPG

numbers large.JPG

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