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Curious about attending the Saratoga Nationals

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I'm wondering whether a person (I'm a member of AACA) can visit the Saratoga Nationals without bringing a car perhaps on Saturday & Sunday. I did look at the Saratoga Auto Museum website and didn't see anything about general admission and there was no mention in the brochure. Can anyone shed any light on this for me. This would be my first visit to a national event.



Wes in VT

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Wes, the shows at all AACA national meets are

always open to the public!  Car owners are happy

to share the hobby with members and non-members



Special side-trips are held in the 2 or 3 days preceding the

Saturday car show;  they are for AACA members, and you

can attend whether or not you register a car.  However,

I believe you would have to register yourself for the national

meet (by the deadline, which has been extended a few days).


Typically, the car shows are on Saturday, and nothing is 

going on on Sunday.  Others can surely tell you more.

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Wes- Yes you can come as a spectator for the Saturday show. The meet brochure lists the The Saratoga Auto Museum as having an open house on Friday to AACA members and there is a barbecue scheduled for that evening which requires a sign up as part of registration. This registration has been extended to May 28th.


Hope you can make the show- you will enjoy the venues. Dave

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Posted (edited)

Wes, if you click on the following link you will see the Saratoga National Meet Brochure which contains all the activities and their days/times. Like others have said these activities are open to all AACA members regardless of if they have a car in the event. There are a number of activities on Wednesday,Thursday & Friday that might intertest you. Be advised that some activities have capacity limits like the Jim Taylor Car Collection which was full on Thursday when I registered last week. (I registered for Friday which was still open at the time.)


Then on Saturday you can attend the Car Show which is free to all spectators whether they are AACA Members or not and does not require you to register.


Some activates on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday require that you register and may involve a fee.


To register on-line for the activities and see the fees involved click here. 


Like others above have said the Registration has been extended until May 28th.

Also be aware that when you register on-line you will have to print out your registration and mail that and a check to the address specified. Do not wait until the last minute to register. As long as your registration is postmarked by May 28th you should be okay.





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Yes indeed-as has already been mentioned, you don't need to show a car to be there.  Signing up and registering for some of the activities is a great way to participate and get to know other club members.  Getting involved in the AACA judging program is also a great way to participate and learn about judging.  It's also often helpful if you are restoring a vehicle and plan to show it in a judging class someday.   You don't even need to bring a car to sign up for tours - you can hitch a ride in the back-seat of other cars (or help navigate).    See you there,


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Glad to see a tour to Lake George. It's my favorite place in the entire world. I think you will enjoy it. 

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