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1927 Chrysler 2 door 6 cylinder coup


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59 minutes ago, Waynevp said:

Ready to start restoration  not sure what model..A 50 or a 60 ..was wondering what the material on roof exterior and side boards was

Photos, please.

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I suspect you have no samples ,so you will have to pick out of 4 or 6 period looking 1920s early 30's toppings that are available for closed cars..

Pick the one you like.

They will have names like.

Long Cobra Grain....popular 

Short Cobra Grain. Maybe short grain might look better on small roofs?

Pebble Grain. 

Colonial Grain. 

Last 2 may be more like a faux leather look?

Other discription  words for top material will be

"Close grain" and "Open grain".


Some topping firms will send swatches....go for those!


A high end car and or restoration may use a special ,(real) leather $$$$$.

Below a popular pic stolen off the internet of a mostly original '27 model 70.



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Wayne says it is a 6 cyl car, so it will be a Model 60 or a G70.

 When I restored a 1927 Model 50 touring there were bits of the original cobra grain material still attached to the top frames, based on this, I would think the Chrysler closed cars of this year would also have used cobra grain material. 

 I would also like to know what material they used on running boards, were they covered in rubber or linoleum, and what sort of pattern please.

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