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I am interested in buying a Honda CT90 / CT110 motorcycle.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience, knowledge or owned one? I have not found one locally, so I was wondering what experiences anyone has had in buying a motorcycle on eBay or Cycletrader?  Has anyone used the shipping carrier Uship, if not, who is a good shipping carrier for motorcycles? Thank you to everyone who answers my post.

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I am by no means an expert but here is some food for thought. Yes the CT bikes are gaining popularity among collectors and enthusiasts which means values are climbing with demand just like many other Jap bikes from the 70s. Fortunately parts are available as they made scadzooies of them. U-ship is a broker which is typical for many transporters of cars or bikes. Broker means they sub out the job to various trucking companies they link up with which helps them be very competitive on cost. This can mean your bike will change trucks multiple times, sit on the dock at a trucking terminal(s) for a period of time, etc, which increases chance of damage. Some brokers do a better job than others in selecting quality truckers but often its really a crap shoot on the driver you get and how conscientious they are. Like most places of business today, trucking companies are struggling to get and keep good drivers and the good drivers jump ship to another company that is offering better pay and benefits. Some of these sub contractors don't have what I'd call adequate equipment to secure a motorcycle without damage nor trained drivers who know where to hook tie downs to without damaging something. 

Just one example: A friend recently sold an early 70s Harley full dresser to someone across they ocean. The buyer arranged the shipping company. They came to pick it up and already had several other bikes in the van for delivery to the shipping port. Friend said "I don't think its going to fit". Driver said "it will fit" and it did but only after ramming the big bike into an narrow space against other bikes with no straps and just barely enough room to close the door and away he went. He said guaranteed there was already some damage and it had 1000s of mile to go. 


I have no personal experience but heard nothing but positive feedback on Keyboard Motorcycle Shippers. They claim to own and operate their own trucks and use their own special pallets to secure the bike. http://www.keyboardmotorcycleshipping.com/

Have heard several complaints about Haulbikes.com via members of the AMCA. They have nice convincing website and only deal in motorcycle transport but unfortunately don't have the best reputation. Mostly because of extensively longer than quoted delivery times and very poor communication before during and after shipment.


Cost is always a factor in the decision as well depending on the value of the bike you are transporting. Those CTs are tough nearly bullet proof little buggers so the risk may not be that high to justify a more expensive carrier, but if you're buying a restored bike or an original in excellent condition vs something that you plan to restore, you're not going to want any damage. Carriers are insured but filing a claim is generally not a good experience.


Having said all that, I strongly recommend you do the transport yourself if at all possible. This way you see what you are getting before handing over the cash and are in complete control of the bike.


Buying any car or motorcycle from only pictures and description on ebay or other online listings requires due diligence on the buyers part to ask the right questions, get many photos, VIN verification, don't assume anything, and carefully vet the integrity and character of the seller. I made various antique bike and car purchases online and they have all been good. I put a lot of value on assessing the seller's character as much the the vehicle itself.  Bad experiences from online vehicle purchases are unfortunately not hard to find. 


Not sure where you are located but see if there are any meets near you sponsored by the AMCA. It'd be worth checking out. I've seen a number of CTs available for sale at them.https://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/


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I have owned six of them, and still have one. I have owned them continuously since 1973. I recently saw a 1981 like NOS with 400 miles sell for 3500 dollars running. It was like new. They are fun, quiet, and get 60 mpg. Be sure and buy one that has the dual range switch and not the dual sprocket of the earlier years. They are in demand, especially with the horse crowd as they are so quiet the horses are not bothered by them. Expect to pay from 1500 to 3500 depending on year, milage, and condition. 


I can put you in touch with a dealer, and he can get one delivered to you........but it will add to the price. Here is the one that sold for 3500 last month. It was on Facebook for less than two hours and it sold. 


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Hi JZRIV and edinmass

Thank you both for responding to my post. I appreciate you both for the useful and detail information. I am glad to communicate with someone who has had experience with these motorcycles. Yes, I agree that it is probably better for me to inspect one in person. Unfortunately, right now, my work situation somewhat limits my travel from NC but it should be better in August. 

edinmass, I am glad that you know a dealer. With the information that you both have provide, I will try to find one on my own. If I have not found one in two months then I try and contact you edinmass for the dealer contact information. Thank you both.

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