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1972 Mercedes Benz (Three)

Dave T.

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Three 1972 Mercedes Benz for sale.  Two are 280SE 4.5 and one is a 300SEL 4.5.  Have owned all of them for around 30 years.  One of the 280SEs is very nice and in good condition still having the original white paint and original blue interior.  It has been driven on several AACA events including a Founders Tour.  It has been garaged since I have owned it (other than the Founders Tour) and it appears that it was garage kept for most of it's life. The other 280SE 4.5 is white also and has a charcoal interior.  It has been stored outside with a cover.  It does have some rust areas in the sheet metal but it is very restorable or could also be used as a parts car.  The 300SEL 4.5 is dark blue with a blue interior and is very solid.  It is a rare car with only 2,533 built between May 1971 and October 1972.  It is the long wheel base version and has an airbag suspension (which is down).  It was also stored outside with a cover.  It would be a great car to restore and it should be.  All three of these cars are all the last year of the tall grill and the last year for hand built Mercedes.  They are all available as a package deal for a bargin price of $12,000.  All were running well before parked and now have been sitting for several years, but it was before ethanol was added to gasoline.  Just trying to reduce my collection to a managable number and keep everything inside.  These cars are located in Winston Salem, NC.  If you are interested in these vehicles or have any questions contact me at: AACABenz4sale@mail.com        

280SE 4-5 Benz - RS view-croped.jpg

280SE 4-5 Benz - LS view-croped.jpg

JMH Benz -RF view-cropped.jpg

280SE 4.5 Benz LR-View-cropped.jpg

280SE 4-5 RF view cropped.jpg

280 SE 4-5 LR view cropped.jpg

280 SE 4-5 RR view cropped.jpg

300SEL 4-5 RF cropped.jpg


300SEL 4-5 LR view-cropped.jpg

300SEL 4-5 RR view-cropped.jpg

300SEL 4-5 LS view-cropped.jpg

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