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1942 Ford Jeep

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This was my car for a few years when I was in college. It is almost completely original, with a few tiny changes like the electric wiper on the driver’s side. When my Dad died, it was in a garage that belonged to my uncle. Life happened and I never got back to get the Jeep. 

But, I recently discovered that my sister DID save it. This picture is of it in a garage years ago, and it is now buried in another garage at her home. I hope to get it from her to give to one of my sons. 

If I am able to get more pictures of it, I will post them. 



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Oh, I did replace the grave digger tires with those knobby things so I could drive it on the highway easier. I had the wheels rebuilt: sandblasted, straightened and painted and removed the rim locks from inside the rims. Those were HEAVY. 

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