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Can anyone identify these cars?

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Top one is a slant windshield 1923-1925, second one has a straight windshield with a two-man top, 1917-1920; third is most likely a 1916, since it appears to have no brass, other than the radiator. Of course, this assumes that the cars were not updated or changed at the time of the photos...



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The one with the brass radiator isn't even a brass era T. The firewall is the clincher, it is integral to the body and not that easily changed, and it is the wrong sort for the hood to fit a brass radiator. In addition to that, the fenders are 1917 into 1923 type, and the windshield with offset hinges is a late 1917 through 1922 feature. The hand crank and front engine mount indicate it is likely 1920 or earlier. The headlamp lenses are Ford 'H' style, came out in very late 1921. Car was likely a 1918 to 1920.

I would be curious when that photo was taken (looks 1950s or'60s to me?),and what the story is behind the car. Maybe someone got the car running with whatever radiator they had handy? Or did they change the car to look more 'old timey'? Happened a lot in those days.

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