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Differences in two 1937 grilles--why?

Pete Phillips

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Can anyone explain to me why these two 1937 grilles are different? The one in my car is 9-1/2 inches wide and has no attaching points for the "Buick 8" red grille emblem, which is always on the passenger side. Both of these are passenger side grilles. The other one I have is 9-1/4 inches wide and has three indentations and threaded holes for the attachment of the grille emblem. Both are heavy, die-cast parts.

Yes, I was starting the measuring tape at the same edge, but couldn't hold it in place while clicking the camera.


If anybody needs an extra passenger side grille half, I will be selling the one without the attaching holes after I switch these out.


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX



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