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WTB 1940 Buick Special fuel tank


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On 5/19/2021 at 10:22 AM, Janousek said:

Have a rusty tank and the tank sealer I use isn't available until mid july.   Wonder if any good tanks are out there or if anybody is making them.  

269-986-4697  Brad


One year only not reproduced.  Early & late different gals. Good luck!

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My tank has had some pin holes soldered in the top at some point.  I've been removing the solder and tig welding them shut.  I'll tig the holes until it passes a pressure test and run it for this year.  


Once the tank liner I use is back in stock I will have the tank dipped, more pressure testing, welding,  and then I'll seal it.  


I'd still buy a better one if it comes up.  If I have to buy a new one and modify it a bunch then I might as well use this one because either way I'd want to line it after I move the filler neck.  


Thanks for the information

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I repaired my tank.  Tig welded all the holes I could find.  Light air pressure with soap and water,  mark the leaks, weld, and repeat.  I did this until I no longer had soapy leaks.   Hours of welding.


2.  Took it to a dipper and had it dipped.  I knew more holes would be there once finished.  I was correct.  I welded on all the visible and did some more pressure tests.   By now I have it down to pin holes and only on the top.  The bottom must of sat with fuel and didn't have many leaks.  It was all on the top.  


3.  I poured a gallon of simple green in and washed the heck out of it.  Did a high speed dry to keep the flash rust away.  Let it set in the sun for a couple hours.  


4.  Caswell epoxy 2part sealer.  This was on backorder all summer.  I had to wait.  I doubled up what they said to use.  I purchased 2 kits.  This stuff is thick and I didn't want to skimp.  Bit me once on a motorcycle tank years ago.   Mixed, poured 3 quarts mixed product in, and turned it continuously for the next hour until it no longer flowed and the tank was warm from the chemical reaction.  Their really wasn't much to pour out after it was all coated so I just kept it moving until it set up.  


It worked great and bled through the pin holes in the top.  Only 2 spots on the bottom that I didn't get welded.  


5.  I  80grit sanded and sprayed 2 coats black epoxy.  










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