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National Capitol and Sugarloaf Mountain regions

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I was just perusing the list of regions and did not see National Capitol listed.  What's the story?

Also, I was a Founding Member of the SugarLoaf Mountain Region.  Their web site was last updated in 2016.

I tried to send an email and it failed.


What's up?

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Have you contacted the AACA Vice President of Regions and Chapters for info?  According to the AACA website, the Eastern Division VP is Paula Ruby. Her contact info is on the AACA home page.  When I lived in DC and the Baltimore, the National Capital Region was a very active group.  They were also instrumental in forming the Old Dominion Meet Association in Va.  I don't know their current status but they are not listed. 


Regarding the website for Sugarloaf Mtn Region, I certainly share your concern. A good up to date website can be a powerful recruiting tool and an easy way to keep club members informed.  Sad that so many of them are outdated and not current.  Try contacting the Region president direct. That info is available also on the AACA home page under the Regions and Chapters tab.


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