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the "Family Dog" Panel Truck, what year, make, model was (or is) it?


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Remember back then the GMC used a heavy duty engine in 3 different sizes  while the Chevy used the car engine with babbit bearings and splash lube. In early racing they always used the GMC engine with the oil pump to pressure lube all the bearings.

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Possibly a rock band back in the swinging sixty's.  248's and 270's are great old engines. 302's even better , but very scarce in these parts, the circle track guys used most of them up back in the 1970's.

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8 hours ago, mike6024 said:

Grateful Dead "Family Dog Presents" Avalon Ballroom Concert Poster | Lot  #89590 | Heritage Auctions

The Grateful Dead ~ Roberta ~ (Acoustic!) 04/18/70 - YouTube


Was used by the Grateful Dead


Someone is considering recovering and restoring or rehabbing it due to the provenance. 





 By the way, it is a 1951 to early '54 GMC. The '47-50 GMC and Chevrolet trucks didnt have the vent windows in the doors.

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