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Looking for Chrysler Model 72 Sport Roadster Top Irons, Bows and Hardware Photos

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Does anyone have detailed photos of the folding top showing the irons, bows, related connecting hardware and how the folding top assembly attaches to the car body?  I'm willing to pay a modest amount for anyone willing to take these photos.  


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As I see that you have been inundated with responses🙄😁 I do have some hood irons and other hardware (No timber left)from the 72 sports roadster remains that we pick up, but I’m a bit tied up at the moment harvesting soy. So if photos and measurements are of interest to you let me know and I will see what I can do but nothing will happen until late next week. Cheers Ben

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Thanks Ben, it's very hard to imagine (visualize) how the irons go on the car and function, it's even harder if they are not the correct irons!

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No problems I believe I also have the mounting bracket for at least one side front(windscreen post) and back(just behind the door). I’m going to use these irons as pattens for my 75 roadster as when I have tried them the appear to work. Anyway photos and measurements etc to follow in a weeks time. 

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I just had another thought if you have a look over in the Dodge forum the is the restoration of a victory 6 roadster and there are some great photos of the hood irons etc Matt has done a great job on them. Your car will use a very similar principle. Cheers Ben

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Yeah, the set of irons I have and the bows look nothing like that.  I'm suspecting that my top parts were salvaged from some other car unless someone can tell me different.  Hear are some photos.





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 Looking at your top frames and bows they seem a mismatch.

Can you post some more pictures of the bow ends, they look as if they are tapered to go into the old type bow sockets, so would not be suitable for the flat iron type frames that you have.

The second thing I noticed, the top frame nearest the axle stands, would appear to be the front bow, it has 2 holes each side to attach the windscreen mounting brackets, if you attach your side frames to these holes then the ends of the bows will be floating in mid air and not attached to anything. I am therefore of the opinion that these are not correct frames for your car and the bows may not be correct either.

 I looked at the pictures of the victory 6 Dodge frames, they are very similar to the ones on my 28 model 62 roadster. I will endeavour to take some pictures of my car top frames tomorrow and post them here for your reference. I'm not saying the model 62 and model 72 are the same frames but they will be very similar.

Below is some pictures of the top support brackets, just behind the door on my series 62, I'm pretty sure the model 72 will be the same or very similar.








Below is the inside view of the 62 series bracket, 



Also may I suggest you order the following items from a Model A Ford supplier, they should be pretty much the same as the ones needed for your Chrysler.


Open car prop knobs (x2)



Open car prop nut lock washer (x2)


Leo, how about doing a new posting , showing the guys your progress, like the guy has done on the Dodge Victory 6 roadster, not only will it interest other owners to see what you are doing, but it may encourage them to help with information and advice. It will also be of help to others in years to come, if they are doing a similar car.

Best regards


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Posted (edited)

Viv w, this is GREAT!  Exactly what I needed to see (but didn't want to know).  Here I was so tranquil in thinking Wow, I'm so lucky to have irons and bows for my restoration only to find they are not correct.  I will post some more photos later today.  Thank you so much.  Leo  Here is another photo of the ends of my bows.  Regarding Prop Nuts, it appears the thread on my car is the same as a Model A Ford 7/16 - 14.  I notice in your photos you have a type of large thick bolt threaded to the body behind the prop nut, have not seen any of those for sale.....


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Hi Leo,

 Yes there is a large threaded hex bar between the body bracket and the top irons, I will have to try and unscrew it and make you a diagram, if you look at pictures on the internet of other cars , they all seem to have it.

 Anyway here are some pictures of my 1928 series 62 roadster top irons, I would imagine your series 72 may be the same or very similar.


First 4 pics are the left front windscreen top clamp (the left and right sides are not the same, they mirror each other due to the curve of the front bow)









Next pic is the right front pillar clamp from underneath, showing the hole that the pillar goes into



The top of my windscreen pillar looks like this, is yours the same as this picture below?



Next 2 pictures are my left side frames taken from inside






Next 2 pictures show the right side frames taken from outside the car






All my bows have been replaced with laminated ones by a previous owner, the front one is broken on the right front corner, so I will have to redo my bows and replace the incorrect top material at some time. I'm busy with other cars at the moment so not ready to start stripping this car at the moment.

See if anyone comes up with correct frames and bows for you, 

 All the best and lets see some pictures of your car to see the progress






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Hey Viv, thanks for the great photos of your top irons, they will assist when looking for mine.  I've taken some more photos, first my stanchions which are the same at the top but my windshield swivels from the bottom unlike yours.  The top attaching brackets are reproductions made for Jay Astheimer, however I believe the thumbscrews are originals.  Then there are the mounting brackets on the body for the top.  The top iron hunt is on!





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