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For Sale: 1970 Chrysler Newport Cordoba Edition - "1 of 1,873 built, all original" - Crescent, PA - Not Mine - 5/26 Deleted

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For sale on Facebook: 1970 Chrysler Newport Cordoba Edition 4dr Hardtop in Crescent, PA  -  $15,000  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/484753492859607/1970-Chrysler-Newport-Cordoba-Edition


Seller's Description:

1970 Chrysler Newport Cordoba Edition 4dr Hardtop

  • Driven 70,000 miles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exterior color: Gold

RARE 1970 Chrysler Newport Cordoba Edition 1 of 1,873 built 383 all original serious inquires only. $15,000













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I had the identical car in the same color. Paid 175 dollars for it in 1984. Air was ice cold. Burned gas like no end. Drove it till I used it in a demolition derby in Stafford Ct. Did real well and I was almost the winner, a proper ending to the only Chrysler product I ever owned.


Fifteen grand is a fair price if you fill up the trunk with twenty keys Peruvian Gold. Uncut, of course!

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Nice looking car in great condition.

The Aztec motif is a little bizarre but you'd have the only one at any car show.

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Needs Ricardo Montalban and his real Corinthian leather to complete the package.  My dad had a 1970 New Yorker he bought well after its glory days, Ed comment about gas hog was spot on, my dad got rid of it for that exact reason.

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I had heard vaguely of a Cordoba edition,

made before the name was used for an actual

model.  Your posting, Fin Seeker, is very



Wow!  Special upholstery, special trim and

decoration throughout the interior, even a

special embossing of the vinyl roof.  It might

be challenging to restore, as special material

would have to be pressed.


I'm impressed with some of the findings in the

"Not Mine" category.

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What I find interesting about this special Cordoba Edition is all of the little details that were required to make it different from all of the other four door hardtop Newport’s.  With all the costs for these extras they didn’t include power windows or air conditioning.  If I was buying a new Newport in 1970 I would rather have the air conditioning with power options than the fancy trim Cordoba Edition.  

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Paint and trim special edition models were generally an easy way to extract a few more bucks out of an ordinary model series.  Chrysler practiced that in the 1950's with their "Spring Special" editions.   The real king was Lincoln Division with all the Designer and Signature Edition Continental Mark personal luxury coupes.   They cried all the way to the bank on those...    

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This car seems like a logical trim type for a dealer in the southwest states, to see that it was sold in PA is part of the charm and uniqueness of this car.  I do remember from driving my dads car the power steering had very little road feel and the power brake assist was also very over assisted.  Indeed a rare suvivor.

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Here is some information I found on the internet.

They say that this edition was a 1970 spring edition and

available only as a 2-door hardtop or 4-door hardtop:




Above is the link, which discusses several special editions

(scroll down mid-way for the Cordoba).  And here's the 

text for the Cordoba, copied here for posterity:


Chrysler Newport Cordoba

Years produced: 1970

Total production: 3741

The Chrysler Cordoba personal luxury coupe was launched in 1975 and was immediately successful. Originally planned as the Plymouth Grand Era, Chrysler decided its titular division could offer a “small” car despite promising to never do so. Up until then, Chrysler had only offered full-sizers (or what were once standard-size cars, before the arrival of compacts and intermediates). The Cordoba nameplate wasn’t new, however. In 1970, it had been used on Chrysler’s full-size Newport.

1970 chrysler newport cordoba 2

A spring special for 1970, the Newport Cordoba was only offered as a two-door hardtop or four-door hardtop; regular Newports could also be had as a convertible or four-door pillared sedan. Initial impressions are that this just looks like a big, plain, brown Newport, one of the most visually bulky cars of the era albeit cleanly-styled. However, the Cordoba had numerous attractive additions.

1970 chrysler newport cordoba 4

The brown vinyl “Espanol” roof actually had a distinctive pattern to it, albeit one far more subtle than the contemporary “Mod Tops” offered by the Chrysler Corporation. Parts of the wheels and grille were color-keyed to the Cordoba Gold paint job. The hood was decorated with an Aztec eagle medallion. The side mouldings had an Aztec pattern. Inside was even more desirable. Where fake wood would generally be in a Newport, the Cordoba had shiny gold, patterned inserts. A similar pattern appeared on the vinyl seating.

With the standard 383 cubic-inch V8 and three-speed manual transmission, the 2-dr Newport Cordoba’s list price was $3,769. It’s unlikely that many Cordoba buyers would have settled for the standard transmission; with the three-speed TorqueFlite automatic, power steering, white sidewall tires and AM radio, the price was $4,241.65. Overall, the package didn’t cost much on top of the standard Newport and it offered a distinctive and yet surprisingly subtle aesthetic. 

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2 hours ago, TerryB said:

This car seems like a logical trim type for a dealer in the southwest states, to see that it was sold in PA is part of the charm and uniqueness of this car. 

Interesting point Terry.

I believe items with a tropic or sub-tropic brand are easier to sell in colder climates due to their exotic feel.  The Corona beer commercials are a good example of tropic marketing, even at Christmas time.

I remember when I lived in Washington state in the early '90's several of the GM dealers there were placing an embroidered type emblem on the B (or C) pillar of their higher end, vinyl roofed Cadillacs and Buicks which read "Palm Springs Edition" and had a little palm tree motif.  They sold well there and kind of portrayed the image of endless sunshine, desert golf and martini happy hours to people suffering with 9 months of cloud and rain.  All in all, a great marketing ploy.  Of course when we moved to Palm Springs in '99 I never saw a "Palm Springs Edition" Cad or Buick here.  :lol:

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