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Foreign motorcycle license plate


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3 hours ago, JO BO said:

Thanks for the info now how about this one?



If it is in fact a UK plate then it is West Sussex 1958.


I am puzzled by it being round though, and the P being smaller than the B.

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Info on this one from a friend in the UK - being round and in porcelain it definitely not a UK plate - 


- 1960s Bulgarian .  Stamp to the left of the letter      BP is Vratsa Province on the northern border with Romania. Bulgaria uses the Cyrillic alphabet like bits of my lot. B is the letter V of Vratska and P is the letter Er (R), not quite sure for what?? Vratsa Province (BulgarianОбласт Враца Oblast Vraca, former name Vraca okrug) is a Bulgarian province located in the northwestern part of the country, between Danube river in the north and Stara Planina mountain in the south. It is named after its main town - Vratsa




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