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1928 Chrysler Gas Tank Sending Unit

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The unit I pulled from my gas tank still has two cork floats in tact not damaged but covered with some black stuff?  I bought two neoprene floats to replace these but if it's not broken I sincerely believe "don't fix it".  I'm reluctant to cut these two floats off and trying to secure the two new ones on this wire rod without doing damage that cannot be repaired.  Recommendations please.



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Hi Leo,

 My series 62 tank unit is similar to yours but the float was missing, I found a suitably sized brass float (from a carburettor ?) that would go thru the tank opening and drilled a small hole into it, fed the wire thru the hole and then soldered it onto the wire. At least I know it will float up and down even though we have this damned alcohol gas.

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Your least worry should be the cork floats, an excellent example of if it aint broken, etc. Better use your energy to check the sending unit for proper range of ohms between all down and all up postions and hopefully a sliding value in between. At best the sending units should be measured with a working gauge. Experience shows that the gauge is most likely the culprit if circuit is bad.


When checking four sending units; I found one with incorrect values, one (expensive) repro with no reading at all, one good after market that had the offset mounting hole at the wrong side - making it hit the tank wall (I will redrill it), and one original that was all OK.

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