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I am looking for information on parts for my transmission on my fluid drive car--- I am having leaking problems on the front of the transmission, can anyone advise me on info of parts that may be needed and where to buy?



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Very uncommon for the front of a m5 Chrysler transmission to leak.

There is no front input shaft seal.

The cluster gear shaft could be loose in the front of the trans case...not a good thing.

Or possibly the front bearing retainer gasket leaking ...unusual.

Maybe the transmission was over filled with 10W oil?

Sure it isn't the Fluid Drive coupling?

They leak fluid out the lower bell housing 1/4" hole....

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Thanks Joe for the info on the parts,


Bob,  I had looked in the manual and as you said there is no front input seal. I will check the Fluid drive coupling for a leak.  During this Covid problem the car has sat for some time & when I checked the transmission fluid 

a few weeks ago it was down maybe 1/2 pint & have since refilled it to the level indicated in the manual. So from that I am concerned it may well be in the transmission .




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Posted (edited)

Very common leaking area's on the 1946-48 Hydraulically operated Chrysler M-5 transmission are the.... 

....solenoid mounting plate gasket

....filter screen plate gasket

....rear extension housing gasket

....rear output shaft seal.

Fluid Drive Coupling Leaks...

.....Bellows seal housing...copper bellows corrode and pin hole

.....graphite seal ring cracks and or worn and pitted

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