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Cont;l W4, W5 Engines

Bud Tierney

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Don't  know how rare these engines are...had he impression they were unique to the Durant/Star models...

FWIW---Ran across an old page in my Cont'l engine lists and noted the W4 and W5 were also listed for some 1929 Gleaner Baldwin farm combines, one catalog listing the 10 foot model  with both   W4 and W5, and the 12 foot with the W5...

It;s an old name in combines, but I have no idea of production numbers...several old Cont'l engines seem to've gone into farm eqpmt at the end of their production lives...clearing uit inventory??

There was a combine collectors website a number of years ago; don;t know if it;s still going, but there;re a number of old tractor/farm eq sites...

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