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Brass era - mid teens , brass water pump. number 2


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Here is another brass water pump. A few somewhat unusual features. The two main parts of the body screw together, the outlet has a threaded connection rather than a plain stub for a rubber hose. 

Only one casting number, A1401 on the front side.

Flat platform mount , 2 threaded holes, 2 dowel holes.

Anyone know what it fits  ?


Thanks , Greg






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Both of these water pumps look like really good ones! Heavy brass, and in good condition.

There were so many (literally hundreds!) of makes and models of cars (and other marine or industrial uses) that used similar water pumps over more than fifteen years. I would doubt that half of them could ever be identified definitively.

One nice thing about this type water pump. Very often one that is close enough can be easily adapted with only minor modifications to work where one is needed.



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You are right on Wayne. I need a unusual pump for my Staver project and I bought these two with the thought in mind that they might be close enough to adapt to my needs. 

 Thanks oldford . I will look into EMF further. One if not both of these pumps will eventually be surplus. 


Amendment - it looks like you are absolutely correct oldford. I did a google search for EMF 30 engines and the photo's show what has to be the same pump. Thanks !



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Actually the only fastener I used the Crescent on was the Mag drive nut. And it had already been removed with a proper wrench previously.  Mostly the wrench is in the photo's is to show the scale of the parts. 

 I did however work for 30 years as an Engineer on ships. Ships are big , you don't drag many tools around with you all day.  Many small jobs can be taken care of on the spot with a smallish Crescent and a decent quality multi bit screwdriver. The trick is to know when you can handle things with what you carry and when a trip back to the tool room is necessary.

  There is a reason " Crescent Wrench's " are called " Engineer's Wrench's " in many country's. Ships are not quite like working in a repair shop. Unless you are talking about a 30 Acre or so shop with several levels , dozen's of small compartments, miles of wiring and piping , and lot's and lot's of machinery all over the place. 

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