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Pull Down Motor Instructions

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I have a 1990 TC and apparently the top pull-down motor has failed.  I do have a rebuilt assembly unit replacement.  However, I have neither the tools nor the skills to make the change myself.  I am in Gunnison, Co and will need to get a local mechanic to assist me.  I am writing to ask if anyone can please supply me with a detailed description(hopefully with photos) of the steps needed to make the exchange that I can take to a mechanic.  I know there have been articles in the newsletters, but the info is somewhat scattered.  I would be willing to compensate someone for their time and supplies at a reasonable cost.  I love driving my TC here in the mountains with the top down and hope someone can assist me.  Many thanks.

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If you are changing the entire assembly it is only a few bolts and the wiring.  The whole thing adjusts up/down with the bolts so a grease pencil mark as a guide for installing the replacement would be wise, you will still need to get the adjustment right so the tops pins latch easily while getting the weatherstrip to seal at the body/top joining.


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