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WTB Intake or Exhaust Valves - 1930 Studebaker Dictator 6

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Looking for intake or exhaust valves for my 1930 Studebaker Dictator 6.  The approximate dimensions are as follows:

Intake Valve - Dia 1.625"; Stem Diameter .313"; Length 5.420"

Exhaust Valve - Dia. 1.510"; Stem Diameter.313"; Length 5.420"


Appreciate any leads or interchange info.  Thx, Richard

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The inlet valve is p/n 127279, the exhaust is p/n 127273.  Graham Gagne has some in stock in Canada. 

See http://www.canadianstudebaker.com/Engine.htm  under Valves.


Milt Yoder may still have these:

I am going thru my engine parts and found I have the following, I believe they are NOS and NOSR, if any one is interested please email me. They came from a Studebaker dealership many years ago.  Thanks


6-127273 (28-31 Commander and dictator 6)
6-127279 (28-31 Commander and dictator 6)
4-167157 (29-31 8 cyl)
6-167158 (29-31 8 cyl)
11-174836 (31-33 41 54 55 56)


my email is mryoder@swbell.net





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Those are very close to the valves in my 31 Pierce 8 which are available through John Cislak in Springfield MA, but a tad shorter- I don’t know if he might be able to get them done up shorter for your car???


here is the factory specs for the PA valves:


Intake Valve 

  Material: Chrome Nickel 

  Head Diameter: 1-21/32

  Bevel Width: 3/32

  Guide Clearance: 0.001-0.0025

  Stem Diameter: 0.3725-0.3735

  Overall Length: 5-41/64

  Tappet Clearance (hot): 0.004


Exhaust Valve 

  Material: Sil Chrome

  Head Diameter: 1-9/16

  Bevel Width: 1/8

  Guide Clearance: 0.0025-0.0035

  Stem Diameter: 0.3715-0.3725

  Overall Length: 5-41/64

  Tappet Clearance (hot): 0.006

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