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1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Convertible - $17,990 (Costa Mesa, Ca)

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Looks like a nice highway cruiser.

White interior, perfect for the hot weather climes. 





455, auto, new top
Recent fluid/filter service, spark plugs, electric ignition.
Decent paint. Very nice interior. Service records dating back to 1987.

e-mail only: de15170ff9ac300fa353b092c8d02be9@sale.craigslist.org

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20 hours ago, suchan said:

If the stated mileage (20K) is true, decent asking price.


In the original ad, in the table of information,

it says "Odometer rolled over."  In that case,

with 120,000 miles, I'd estimate $12,000 at best.

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Just a vignette. A highway cruiser indeed. My Dad bought an Olds 88 sedan new in the fall of ‘73.  The next January my buddy and I discovered that buddy #3 was stranded in Bozeman, Montana at the end of the MSU semester.  Apparently had car trouble.  Blaine and I who were mostly looking for relief from the mid winter blahs decided on a rescue mission.  We both had pickups but the ultimate ride would obviously be Dad’s new Olds.  I asked him and he said OK!  Well it’s about 500 miles from home to Bozeman and we wasted no time. That big old car just ate up the miles... and gas.  If memory serves we averaged about 9.5 mpg going down. A plausible number considering that a state trooper clocked us at 96 mph somewhere near Townsend, Mt.  Posted a $5 bond and we were off again!  Freedom was freedom back then.  I don’t remember much about the trip home but I’ll never forget how happy that big Olds was at 100 mph. 

PS. Blaine and Jim are both gone now RIP. Friends didn’t come better even though initially Jim wasn’t that thrilled about heading back to Canada. Apparently his car wasn’t really broke down!

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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, Cured said:

If memory serves we averaged about 9.5 mpg going down.


That could be right, at the high speeds you indicate.

But for normal driving, Consumer Guide in 1973 achieved

11 to 13 m.p.g. from their test car with a 455 cubic inch engine.


They liked their Delta 88 very much:  "superb roominess and

seat comfort, as well as exceptional ride, steering, and power."

They rated the car in the "medium [priced] standard " class.

They applauded the car, too, for "its record of quality and reliability."


In 1973, Oldsmobile was beginning its rise to tremendous sales.

Maybe this review gives us an indication why.


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