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Another Reatta bites the dust

Charlie B.

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Just found a Reatta in a tow yard.It was wrecked last week.

No doubt about it being a total.

I understand the woman who was driving it is in pretty bad

shape with a lot of broken bones, this would be obvious from

the severe impact to the drivers door.

I am trying to find out who will be handling the salvage,

and buy it if possible. It appears to have been in excellent

condition prior to this impact. Nothing on the left side is

salvagable. mvc-682s

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well, the front light looks o.k. If the yellow tube for the turn signal is intact along with the rest of the light I would be interested in that part. I have the yellow glass tube broken on my old Reatta. Sure hope the owner makes it. Looks like that had to cut her out of the car........ken


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Wow, that Reatta sure looks bad. Let's all put in a prayer for the lady driving the vehicle---hopefully she will mend and get on with her life. Perhaps she will buy another Reatta.

What year was the Reatta???

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