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Unusual brass-era car accessory

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4 hours ago, Chris Bamford said:

It’s ready for paint and installation... my beloved couldn’t figure out what it is; I thought forum members might be interested to try. 

I’ll post in-use photos tomorrow. 






Not much mystery here, obviously it's a henway. 

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2 hours ago, 1937hd45 said:

Why start with a third of a tile? 

That's not where you start it's where you end. Typically you measure and/or work from the center so the edge tiles are symmetric..........Bob

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Thinking some more about it, this gizmo is probably more of brass-era car accessory (windshield) accessory... a place to hang the wind screen when not mounted on the car (1912 KisselKar 4-50). I used to rotate between windshield on and off several times a season but until last week it hadn't been off for years. Kind of fun — and exhilarating — but Lady Michelle understandably won't ride without her goggles.


Photos in order: Bracket on the high wall; Windshield installed; No windshields on our fire equipment in the day; The head-on view is a dandy; No windshield in the way helps with group shots like these two random families in the park this afternoon. 


1 K12 Windshield bracket.jpeg


2 K12 Windshield.jpg


3 1912 Kissel Lauder .jpg


4 K12 no windshield.jpeg


5 K12 Moms&kids.jpeg

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Chris, nice job I would have never guessed but I love the idea. Jumping ahead about 90yrs I have been wanting to make some kind of rack to hold the T top glass from my car when I take them off. This gives me a bit of inspiration. My wife gets tired of them sitting on the dining room table all summer!

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