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Full wheel covers coming off going down the road

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Not sure if same for other cars, but on my Cadillacs, I use the offset wheel weights (CAX weights) so the the wheel covers fit.  If regular weights used, interferes with the wheel covers and won't install or fit incorrectly on small weights.  Another fix is the newer weights on inside of wheels to balance.  


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slow down.!!!! .... enjoy the ride !. works for me... 53 pontiac, bias tires, tubes, original wheels and hubcaps..... only thing I did was reset the sawtooth edge on the tabs on the caps so they would bite into the powder coated wheels...

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18 hours ago, junkyardjeff said:




Love the look of the black walls and dog dishes on that big mid-sixties fomoco, Jeff! Very cool. It has the look of police detective's car of the era.


You should start dressing  like Joe Friday and say thing like, "Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am" and "I carry a badge!"




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