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Old Spoked Rims


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Hi Everyone, newbie here and I apologize if Im not posting this in the right space. I have two old rims with the following measurements.

18 3/4" x 4 3/4" and the inside center hub is 5 3/4".....There is a some stamping inside the rim as you can see in the photos....

6 lug pattern and stamped with 17362 a letter K and what appears to be a 237 or 233.... Love to know what vehicle these were on....My research tells me Kelsey Hayes rims based on 40 bent spokes...

Thanks in advance everyone...








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4 hours ago, soashable said:

following measurements.

18 3/4"

That overall diameter would be a 17" rim, meaning the tire size was marked 17".  Many USA cars went from 18" in 1932 to 17" for 1933 and 1934.  Yours are narrow rims, so we can rule out big, or expensive cars.  Also, many cars had 5 lugs in those years.


Chevy did use 6 lugs on the bigger 1933/34 Master series but those Master wheels have a huge center hub compared to yours with smaller, more common style hub size.  The smaller Chevy Standard in 1933 had a smaller hub but used 5 lugs.


So, the best guess I can give is 1933 Pontiac.   I don't recall if we have an AACA member here that owns a 33 Pontiac to have him look.


Good luck with your search, I am sure that somebody would need those.




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Kelsey-Hayes drop center 17’s are most likely 1933-1935. Six lugs is a bit unusual as most cars dropped six lugs in 1931. They will have a nominal value..........depending on application. I would ask 150 a wheel if they fit mid size cars........

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you so much - I had a couple of local gents look at them and say they were odd having the 6 lugs but believes they were off a Pontiac

I guess I’d sell them if it helped

someome finish off their vehicle. 
thanks again

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