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1911 Knox runabout at Beardsley's Orchard

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Thought to share these pics of Bill Blank's 1911 Knox runabout ,driven over by his son and HIS super nice girlfriend to Beardsley's Cider Mill and Orchard meet in Shelton Ct. .A free meet and car parts flea market that Beardsley's host,this time of the year for a few years now.


A strong powerfull runner is the Knox that was once ,body cut in half and used as a saw mill! 


It sports a wonderfull  faux patina paint job. A motor car that stands near 8 foot tall with the top up.


It has bicycle wheel brackets on both running boards to carry vintage bikes too..another Blank past time.

Bill was there with his Ford T blue Torpedo seen in a back ground shot.



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Great meet in spite of the overcast weather. Neat that some people took the ride across Long Island Sound on the Ferry, and continued in their Model A's to the meet. Sales covered purchases, another nice feature of the meet. The Beardsley family does a great job hosting this event. Bob 

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Nice looking 1911 Knox.   Looks a lot like the 1910 Knox Raceabout of Alan Travis of Phoenix AZ.   Driven in the 1991

Great American Race, Norfolk VA to Seattle WA 4280 miles in 13 days.   

When they arrived in Norfolk the Knox was on an open trailer.  When they started it, the engine hydrolocked and blew

a connecting rod out the side of the aluminum pan.  !#*&@!   It had rained on them coming east and apparently the hood 

hinge was just about the spark plugs amd driped enough water to leak past the plug into the cylinder.  What a horrible

sound it made.

Alan and navigator Wayne Stanfield spent a day fixing an replacing broken parts and got her running again.  4280 miles

later they finished second in Seattle.  The Great Race motto is "To Finish is to Win",    They also make a lot of adjustments

all the way across the country.

The second picture is of the Knox and Frank Currie's 1919 Packard seeking a few moment in the shade somewhere in 

northern Utah @ the Minimart.

The third picture in the Currie 1919 Packard Speedway Racer that won the 1991 Race.  The Knox lived to race again in 1992 and again in recent years.  It takes a great car and a great crew to finish on of these events, which in those days were all over 4000 miles and all Pre WWII cars.





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Not all Knox automobiles were water cooled. Here's a fine 1907 Knox touring with a four cylinder air cooled porcupine engine. I've included a photo of a one cylinder Knox engine to show what I mean by a Porcupine engine.

Knox (2).jpg

single cylinder Knox Porcupine engine air cooled.jpeg

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Having an event in September 2022 in Port Jefferson , NY , looking for some Knox cars to participate in a Hillclimb recreation , celebrating the 112th anniv. of the 1910 hillclimb , a Knox set fastest time in 1910, a National in 1911. Any leads appreciated, Bob

PJHC 2022 save the date.png

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