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Steering gear, found 1 ball bearing inside?

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Decided I'd clean out the old steering gear which was seized up, loaded it with half a can of PB blaster and let it sit over night.. after that it was spinning freely. Opened it up and found 1 ball bearing inside the mucky oil, any idea if that was supposed to be in there or traveled from somewhere else? The 2 small 'half' gears are still seized up, was this some sort of powersteering?



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I use a product called evapo rust for 'irreplaceable parts'   It is non -  caustic and will make them new again.  It only removes rust. It will not errode into metal.    The thing is- you have to read the instructions and check them every 4 hours and use a brush brush by hand every time.  Do not let them sit more than a night without checking them.  Keep them off of the bottom of the container. 

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