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Newbie Help With Engine Numbers

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While we are waiting for one of the numbers mavens to answer your question about the engine number, I can tell you that two good vendors for Buick parts are Bob's Automobilia in California and Cars, Inc. in New Jersey.

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The body tag on the passenger side of the firewall has an engine number on it, and it should match the one on the block, if it does the block at least is the one it left the factory with. You don't say where you got the number from too. It is stamped on a flat surface on the block near the distributor, and it can be difficult to read as it gets covered with up with oil, rust etc.

Welcome the forum.

 Nice looking car, post a few more pictures of it when you can.


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8 hours ago, Chuck Griffin said:

I just bought my first classic Buick. It’s a 1940 Buick super 8. I was wondering if someone could tell me if my engine is original to the car by the engine number?Which is 53819693. Also any help with part vendors will be appreciated. Thanks


5 = 50 series


1940 started at 3786214

1941 started at 4074859

So your engine is a 1940 nearer the start of production

Your car will also have a chassis number and a body data plate

Buick chassis numbers - engine numbers are not the same. Nor any records from the factory on engine fitted to particular chassis


Car looks great!!





And join the BCA --> https://www.buickclub.org/

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1940 Supers have an engine number stamped on pad on engine. That number is not anywhere else on the car. Exception is a replacement engine program Buick initiated during rationing for WWII and awhile after. The replacement engine number pad came blank so U could stamp the original engine number when it was removed. Handy, cuz some states used engine number to register car with DMV.

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