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Mini Mid-West Driving Tour 2021

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I have the trip planned out here are more of the details.


I want to invite anyone who wants to join me in helping me drive my 1925 Cadillac home. I will be leaving Chaplain Illinois and heading north to Petoskey Michigan.   The dates are June 14-19 , little over 100 miles a day.  I have stops planned each day of interesting things solar system model, circus museum and car museums.  I am going to Gilmore for sure.  I have road side oddities to visit too.  There is even a spot in Northern Michigan that if you drive down a little hill away from a church and put your car in neutral your car will appear to roll up hill back towards the church!  Enjoy back roads travel.  And if anyone has a car collection they want to show off on my drive home contact me I would love to add a stop and meet you and see your cars. 


If you want to come for a day trip or the whole thing let me know 


First day I will be traveling from Savoy Il and heading east on country rd 1200 N/W to Danville Il to see some local art and a brick sculpture.
  I will then head north east to West Lafayette IN and see the Voss Model of our solar system. 
  Spending the night in Lafayette, a nice easy 94.5 miles for the first day.

Second Day, Lafayette to Fort Wayne with stops in Peru IN to see an oddities museum and then circus Museum.  Later in the afternoon I hope to stop at Tom Hoczyk Hearses.  Then spend the night in Fort Wayne.

Third Day depending on if anyone has joined me, I hope to go to the fire Museum in Fort Wayne and then head to Auburn IN.  If I have guests and we want to      stop and see the Cord, Auburn, Dusenburg Museum, I have been recently so we could skip and head strait to Gillmore car Museum and get pics of our cars in   front of the Cadillac Building, old Gas station and dinner.  Ending at hopefully the Comfort inn in Plainwell Mi.  Its a big day not sure how else to break this up.

Forth Day, Painwell, to Holland and up the coast to Muskegon to see a WWII Sub? and then up the coast to Mears MI possible Dunes Waterfront Resort.  I plan on stoping at the little towns along the way or stop for photos of the lake. 

Fifth Day, Mears Mi to Glenn Arbor.  There are some yellow dinosaurs and a cool spot where you drive past a church and when you put your car in neutral it appears to roll back up hill to the church.  Empire has a nice little Ice Cream Shop and then to Glenn Arbor and Cherry Republic for awesome food treats.  Cherry ginger Ale and Cherry Salsa. I will be spending the night with friends in the area there are lots of little places to stay.

Sixth Day, meet up for breakfast and head east again to Traverse City then north to the 45th Parrell to get our pics half way between the equator and the North Pole! nice slow drive up the coast again to Charlevoix and then over to the Ironton Ferry a fun short little boat ride with 4 cars at a time. then back roads to Petoskey there is a nice hotel just up the street from me that has covered parking for your car that you could stay at.  If you want to stay Sunday I could take you up the tunnel of trees, Petoskey is awesome and so is Harbor Springs. 




231-632-5968 cell/text




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I have bought tires and getting them put on this week as with the fluid changes so I am getting ever ready for the big trip.  I bought a cell phone charging battery so I can recharge my phone as I go during the day.  I have a suction cup cell phone holder that I can put on the windshield to help with the navigating and check on my speed etc with it for the trip. I was thinking of a cup holder that clips on the door like the old ones in the 80s before we all had cup holders all over in our cars?  or should I get one of the newer ones that fits between the seats?  Besides tools, fluids, what am I missing?  


What kind of Jack do you all carry with you on these trips?




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