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Convertible top replacement.

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I ordered a new top and will be installing it when I have the time. I'll document everything and post it here. I'm going to use photos, not video, so you don't hear the colorful language that is likely to occur. I got the nice Haartz Stayfast canvas that is on it now, not the Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl that other Chryslers of the time had. Has anyone else tackled this? Any pointers? 

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I installed a top on a triumph convertible years ago. It was not as difficult as it was meticulous. Give yourself plenty of time, take a few breaks, and best of luck. The pictures will be valuable to you if you take plenty as you disassemble. I know the pictures will be valuable to those of us who have the project in the front of us still.  Good luck!  I'm cheering for you and look forward to your write-up.

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