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Dynaflow shift quadrant called a "Dynalite"????

AK Buickman

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I seem to remember reading a small Buick Dynaflow sales brochure from the early 1950's that talked about a feature called a Dynalite, an illuminated (PRNDL) shift quadrant. This was to allow the driver to see what gear he was going to shift into when it is dark, as long as the headlights were on. I've searched through my literature collection, but have not found anything using the word "Dynalite."

I did find some specific Dynaflow sales brochures, but none of them describe the illuminated shift quadrant as a "Dynalite."

If anyone has this sales brochure, please let me know what model year it is, and which one it is.

AK Buickman...........

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Guest my3buicks

You will find info on the dynalite in the 1953 Buick accessory brochure. They are somewhat hard to come by. I looked along time for one for my 53 and never came up with just the "right" one. I ahve since seen them on ebay on rare occassion. Have driven 53's with them and it sure does make it alot easier for night driving.

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