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NEW-1963 1964 1965 Riviera Parts For Sale


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I have an assortment of 1963, 1964 and 1965 parts for sale. These were from a 1964 Riviera originally parted out by RivCat and then purchased by me. Below is a list of parts that are ready for sale and that I have pictures of. In most cases the parts have been cleaned, degreased, rust removed  and in much nicer condition than the fresh from the salvage yard parts you find advertised elsewhere. Reasonable offers plus shipping. Please PM me if interested and I can send you pictures and/or a more detailed description. I will keep the list updated and other items will be added as I get them in sellable condition. Thanks.








4.) SOLD-63-64 back up light assembly-tested working-with gasket, attaching bolts and lens/bezel screws.

5.) SOLD-64 tail light lens "R" emblem.

6.) SOLD-4-assorted nailhead engine small clips/brackets.

22.) 10 very nice right hand thread lug nuts.

25.) SOLD-55 amp alternator 1100709 dated 5 E 28 great core for numbers correct late 64 or early 65 build.

41.) SOLD-tested, working blower motor and fan, non-AC with attaching hardware.

54.) SOLD-driver's side inner and outer headlight trim bezels with retaining rings and all attaching screws.

57.) SOLD-1964 (1965?) carburetor to transmission metal vacuum line-nice

59.) SOLD-passenger and driver's rear quarter window soft ray tinted window glass

62.) passenger door vent window assembly frame-pitting in the usual spot-chrome still has good shine-a usable piece

80.) SOLD-solid hood hinges

87.) parking brake adjustment bracket and parking brake spring pin

88.) SOLD-air inlet heater core firewall box with attaching cut nuts

89.)SOLD-heater firewall shut off valve box with diaphragm bracket and diaphragm arm

91.) SOLD-antenna inner fender mounting/access panel and all attaching hardware-cleaned painted and ready to install

94.) 2-standard interior rear quarter panel stainless trim pieces-enough for one side-can be used on either side

100.) SOLD-one 1963-1964 driver's side headlight trim bezel

101.) bare driver's side dash, non-AC car-ribbed aluminum is nice

106.) SOLD-2-really nice original 1963 wire wheel cover spinner center medallions



























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On 5/29/2021 at 7:31 PM, telriv said:



   Seems like your taking this vehicle apart one piece at a time.


Tom T.




RivCat did literally take this car apart piece by piece, labeled and stored the parts. I made 4 trips down to see him and get parts. The last trip in April netted me a pick-up full inside and out. Since then, I have been slowly scrapping out pieces not worthy of resale. I then pick out a piece or 2 and get them ready for sale. I don't just grab a part as is and list it. I like to do what is necessary to get the piece as nice as I can get it for resale by cleaning. getting rid of rust, testing to make sure it works, etc. I am still hampered in what I can do after my shoulder surgery which slows the process.



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8 hours ago, Ckerch said:

You don't by chance ( and I don't know what the correct name is) have a spring the goes into the door hinge to keep it open to the detents?


No, sorry I don't. Check in the back of the Riview. There are several vendors listed there selling 63-65 parts that could help you out.



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