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Grandpa’s beautiful ride


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Hmmm, I was thinking it originally started out as something from E.M.F./Everitt/ Studebaker....


I do love those reclining buckets and the external foot-feed! Whatever the ultimate origin of that speedster, Grandpa's effort to impress Grandma, by you own existence more than a century later, was obviously a resounding success!

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Buick did not have the oval radiator cap. That is why I think Overland. Here’s a link to a picture of an 11, the radiator is flat-top but the hood isn’t louvred...


1911 Overland 46 Torpedo


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I believe it is a heavily modified Buick. The hubcaps, springs, transmission, shifter and brake, pedals, hood , and radiator all line up. 

The headlights are not a matched pair. 

1912 Buick Model 43 had the oval radiator filler. 


1912 Buick Model 43

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