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Seeking Quality custom fabrication

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Hello all, will just give the short version here.  Basically, I can't ever seen to find a good, quality shop willing to do work on my truck.


My truck is a 1990 Freightliner FLD120, and though it may not be old when compared to the typical vehicle here, it is a commercial vehicle, and the rules in this industry are quite different.


It means once it is no longer profitable, support for it is dropped.


And, yep, the largest truck maker in the US, no longer makes anything besides required equipment, brakes, lights, glass, etc, for my truck anymore, despite it being the most common truck in the country in it's day.  What's worse, is that many of the parts are different from OEM, and while fit and function, do not match the style.  Like gauges.


Plus, they are crazy expensive, $600 for a replacement speedometer!  And it doesn't even match the original style!


If I'm going to pay those prices, I would rather pay for quality custom work that matches what I want, rather than something that "merely functions"


While there are still plenty of salvage trucks, they are just as old and just as worn and often not any better than what I have already.  Or, due to the extensive use of aluminum, too corroded to be useful anymore.


The aftermarket scene is only of limited help as well.  It HEAVILY focuses on Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, with only a very limited selection of mostly lights and some accessories like bumpers and grilles, available to me.  Plus, I have no interest in crazy digital color changing gauges, and light strips do me no good when there is no longer a panel to attach them to because the mounting bracket wore through, heh.  It is mostly still original, 2.6 million miles and climbing every day.


So, I need help in finding people and places that are willing to do a variety of things.  Custom metal and fiberglass repair and fabrication.  Interior work, upholstery, gauges, ducts.  Painting.


I understand that many shops are just simply incapable of working on big trucks, being nearly 30' long, 8' wide and about 21,000 lbs, it is just simply too big and heavy. Thankfully, much of what I need is small, or removable.  Like new brackets to hold the steps on, fenders, painting various parts, gauges, door cards, etc.


I can do the mechanical and electrical, so not looking for things like engine rebuilds or axle swaps.  I can handle that easily enough at home.  But I don't have the hands for fine quality detail work.  And don't have the equipment for custom fabrication.  My luck in finding shops I can rely on is terrible, with the best of them only being "mediocre" in ability.


Seriously, I manage to find tire shops that put on the wrong sized tires and can't line up the wheels properly, and welding shops that fail to make a simple bracket, despite having it's mate and old one with them for measurements.  Another shop, failed to even tighten up the lug nuts correctly and they started coming off a couple days later.


Also, it isn't just a project I can set aside for later when I'm better equipped, being that I'm still out here, every week running this truck down the roads.  Heh, it may be old, (for an in service truck) but it still works the same loads, side by side, as these new trucks do.  It may take me a little longer to get there, and burn a bit more fuel doing so, but it has never left me on the side of the road nor needed a tow.


It's been my livelihood and only home for 6 years, but I have a family now.  So while I have a home to return to each weekend, getting this truck right is now of high importance, because I have a family of my own depending on it.  This truck deserves better than walmart spray paint, and my lady wants to see it good again as well.  Plus, 30 year old seats that have seen near daily use don't have much cush left in them, heh.


So, if anyone can do good work, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, fabric, wood.  Or knows of a person or place that might work, let me know.  It would be massively appreciated.  I live in Michigan, and most of my running is in the general midwest area.  But for a good shop I can rely on, I can just get a load out to wherever.  Closer is easier, but anywhere but California can work.  My truck isn't allowed in California, it pollutes too much, heh.


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