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Melton Museum (Norwalk, CT)

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Can anyone shed any light on this original drawing of the Melton Museum (Norwalk, CT)? I am trying to track down so any leads would be helpful. Working on a project about the Melton Museum (as well as James Melton Autorama) and connection to Gus Reuter (Reuter's Coach Works - Bronx, NY) who restored all the cars in Melton's Collection. Have large collection of unpublished photos (showing cars with Connecticut license plates like HEDG, FROG, HALF, etc.) that Melton sent Reuter decades ago in the Reuter's Coach Works archive (my wife is Gus' Granddaughter). Looking to track down old photos, video, stories about the Melton Museum as I have already connected with the families of two former Melton Museum employees and Melton's daughter (Margo Melton Nutt).


'Original color pencil drawing of The A. C. Gilbert Co. display for Melton Museum Norwalk, Conn. The bottom right hand side of drawing has the name of Harry Preble Jr. Westport, Conn. and is dated 6/14/49.  This drawing came out of the A. C. Gilbert factory and was acquired in 1967 by Charles E. Stuart. Mr. Stuart was Vice President of The A.C. Gilbert Company and in charge of liquidating the company in 1967-1968'.


-John O'Leary (olearyj42@gmail.com)


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I have a friend who is 89 that  took his wife , to the museum on their first date in like 1950. Not a very interesting date to me ,for a boy or girl,but she hung in there and eventually  married the bore anyway.


I'lI ask if he has memories worth investigating and can put you intouch with him for a quizz if he does? 


I recall there was some town or state B.S. about the museum situation and Melton got feed up with the red tape and no action and move it all to Florida after only being open just few years in Conn? 





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Oops! I stand corrected..The move to Florida is unrelated to the state B.S ..I see originally in the early '40s there was some plan to donate the growing collection to the state of Ct.

It short it fell apart and he did his own thing and kept the cars and built his own museum.

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