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1920 clutch flush and surface


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I'm pretty satisfied with my engine situation so I'm working my way front to back.  Drained the clutch and found liquid peanut butter.  From what I can see through the acccess hole the clutch parts look oily and clean so things may be ok inside.  The clutch functions, with lots of free play then a ka-chunk, but I haven't checked its rolling operation.  It looks like it may have the original leather clutch surface.  There were previous discussions about clutches and there weren't pinned/locked nuts.  Mine has slotted and cottered nuts on the clutch spider.  


OK, to the crux:  has anyone ever done the recommended kerosene/diesel flush?  Any tips for the procedure, or particularly with the water contamination?  Just fill it up and skip the flush?  Can I run with the leather surface?  Let it run until it poops out, or change it now?  With the cottered spider nuts, would they have been an improvement on my later engine?  Anything to consider or check with them? 




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