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Buick tools ?

Frank Wilkie

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Just now, Hubert_25-25 said:

I am in agreement with Mark.  Those do not look like Buick tools.   1920 Buick tools shown below.  I have been researching Buick tools from 1920 to 1928.  Hugh





Do you have more information ( particularly photos of complete tool kits ) to add to the thread on pre war Buick tool kits?


The kit shown as part number 36713 is manufactured by Vlchek Tool Co but appear to have been supplied to Buick and other motor companies without the manufacturers name being stamped on them.


This is an early unstamped Vlchek kit I recently purchased and has a lot of similar tools.




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Here is the picture of the tool bag I have liked pictured in the first pictures of this post. Also I found this license plate bracket which also incorporates the mounting of the taillight..   IF anyone needs the bracket will sell cheap $12  ..  not perfect but solid and usable if you don't have one.





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Hi Mark,

Contact Charles Halpin in Pennsylvania and I believe he's in the Buick Bugle roster. Charles is the guru of tool kits. If you can't find his number let me know and I'll provide it to you.




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In 50Jetback's May 5, 2021 reply, he includes 2 pictures.  In the lower picture is tool #35533 - a long steel shaft with a lip on one end.  In my 1921 Buick Model 46 trunk there were a few tools and this was one of them.  No tool pouch, just a few loose tools.  My question is what was this tool for??  Also is this an original tool for 1921 M46?  Thanks Pete

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