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New Shoes and Road Trip Planning

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I bought new shoes for the Skylark yesterday to finish getting her ready for my trip to Auburn for the meet. The date codes on her old ones showed that they were 16 years old, way out of my comfort zone for a tour. I bought blackwalls because I'm too lazy to clean whitewalls.


I decided to change my plans around the Auburn meet. I had originally planned to do Auburn and then return home right afterward. Instead I decided to head west to Chicago after Auburn and take Route 66 from there to Tulsa, which is as far as I can go and still get home in plenty of time for my oldest son's upcoming wedding. I was originally going to do Route 66 next year but I thought hey, I'll almost kinda sorta be in the neighborhood of Chicago while in northern Indiana so why not do some of '66 this year? So that's the plan.


In the six years I've owned the Skylark I've been preparing her for a cross-country road trip. Complete new brake system, water pump, power steering pump, electrical system, seat/shoulder belts, carburetor, cooling system flush and hoses, etc. etc. The trunk is stocked with new spare parts that can be replaced on the road along with the necessary tools. I'll have cash and plastic with me to handle anything that won't be so easily repaired in a parking lot somewhere.


A very good friend asked me if I thought I was asking for trouble by taking an old car on a long road trip. I told him that it depends on where the road trip will be. Taking a cross-country trip in Afghanistan would be asking for trouble. Here? Not so much.

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How many miles has the Skylark traveled?  If near 100k you might consider having the rear axle bearings and seals replaced.  I know its difficult to fix what isn't broken, but after personal experience I'd say its an ounce of prevention at this point.

If you decide to forgo this know that they are available most places (which points out the likelyhood of need) but need a press to install. That and a tow job to a shop of unknown quality could put a big dent in your travel plans. 

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@JohnD1956The car has pretty low mileage on it with the odometer showing  around 54,000 miles. Judging by the absence of wear on the pedal pads, the condition of the sheet metal and steering/suspension parts, and other indicators I'm inclined to believe that the odometer hasn't rolled over. To the contrary, the same indicators are not at all consistent with a car that was driven 154K. Your suggestion is a good one though, so I'm thinking about it. Not a big cost.


@TxBuicksAs I hang my head in shame I confess that I'm not a member, and so I don't have access to the roster. Of course now that you've "outed" me I will join AACA and BCA this week.

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