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Was this hood ornament standard in 1928?

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Recently Turner Classic Movies played Harold Lloyd's 1928 movie...Speedy.

A Pierce was used in one of the scenes. I am a Packard guy, so I don't know about the ornaments before the archer.

Was it standard in '27-28?

I am assuming the car is a Pierce because of the flared headlights...


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Definitely a Pierce, but that would be an accessory mascot and not one of the Pierce ones. I am far from an expert on the make, but earlier PA cars had a wheel shaped mascot with an arrow through it and Pierce written in either block letters or script in its center as a factory accessory. There’s also a wheel version where the front outline of the car is showing in the wheel. Another one which was available was a figure of Mercury throwing an arrow, and then the Archer versions began.


 I will assume that the mascot on the car above was one of the higher quality aftermarket ones which would reflect the owner’s taste. It looks like a fabulous mascot on there!


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The car is definitely a 1925-1927 Series 80 "Deluxe" (vs. "coach" series), and probably an EDL (Enclosed Driver Limousine) as I think I see a division glass.  I agree with @TheMoneyPitthat the mascot is not one of the factory accessory mascots he describes, and that it is a high-quality aftermarket offering.


Look at the bald front tires!

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Posted (edited)

Harold Lloyd was a prolific Packard and Pierce Arrow owner. His last pre war car he kept for a long time, it was a 1936 Pierce V-12 Sedan. He kept the car into the late 60's, and comedian Steve Martin has written about the car and riding in it as a young teen. The car last I knew was in upstate New York. Two or three of his Packards are also still around.

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