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Original breezie ( vent window accessory) WANTED , please LQQK

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Someone leaned on my car and broke this breezie.  I’d like to find a good one just like it, but would also buy a pair.  Used is fine, just not damaged.  Thanks! Tmorsher@icloud.com I will pay your price! 


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Posted (edited)

My friend Roy Lassen, (classicaccessories.org), has a lot of stuff like that. Give him a call :  805-569-7160.

He is great to talk with, among reasons being that he is a 95 year old lifelong car guy. Also an ex B-17 pilot. That said, he is quite conversant, in good health, but at 95 and noticeably slowing down, he does need to move a massive amount of inventory. Whenever I visit him , I leave with more treasure and knowledge than I came with. You could mention that his friend Cadillac Carl with the 1927 Cadillac he loves sent you. Make him give you a good deal, and see if he has anything else you might not have realized that you need. Good luck,    -     CC


P.S. Just for the fun of it here is a picture of Roy when we were on a dinner cruise 5 years ago. In some ways, Roy looks younger than I do, and in some ways he is in better shape than I am 2 months short of my 78th birthday. See if you can get him to remember the truly wild ride we had going home from the Cold Spring Tavern at dusk, Easter 2016. Fast descent down the steep, winding Old San Marcos Road in the hills above Santa Barbara, California. Pretty safe bet that was the most aggressive drive EVER in that tough old  Cadillac. Ed himself would have been impressed, and awarded us a two thumbs up ! Roy said it reminded him of his driving style back in his “wheelman” days. Might as well include a picture of the ‘27 before we left “the tav’”.





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No, that is not a typo above. No, I actually forgot my age. That is the first time in my life that I did not know how old I am. I will not be 78 in two months, I will only be 77. I thought I already was 77, but I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset with myself. The doctors say I am physically more like a guy about 90. Makes people laugh when I explain my response to the typical “how are you (doing)” question : “Not too bad for a 90 year old !” I say with a great big sincere smile.


So Drop’ : Did you treat yourself to a chat with Roy ? I take it that if you did, you came away empty handed. Sorry. I hope success is just around the corner for you.         -      Cadillac Carl 

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